Power in the land

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Call for artists. Expressions of interest

This is a call for artists interested in collaborating to create a multi media body of work around the theme of nuclear power. The focal point is the power station at Wylfa, North Anglesey, the only nuclear power station now operating in Wales and soon to be decommissioned.

Nuclear power has re-entered public consciousness recently as a low carbon technology along with the renewables, onshore and offshore wind, solar and wave turbines, all heavily represented in this rural area of Wales. The possible replacement of Wylfa by a new set of reactors reignites the public debates about energy both locally and nationally but this project will strenuously avoid the simplistic and narrow polarisation of opinion often engendered by this emotive subject.

Rather it will aim to shed light on the rich set of often contradictory realities that this major power house means in a variety of dimensions, both socially and environmentally, both in the past and into the future. Artists will respond to the physical, material and energetic presence of the existing power station as it moves towards its final shut down and becomes the archeology of tomorrow in an area already rich in archeological remains. Likewise they may respond to the human reality of this solid source of employment in one of the poorest as well as one of the most scenic areas of Britain.

It would be exciting to work with other artists who would be stimulated by this subject, whether from Wales or further afield. Artists may include sound artists, choreographers and performance artists as well as video artists, painters, photographic artists and sculptors. It is intended to develop a touring exhibition with a view to coinciding with the probable date of nuclear shut down in 2015. Locations in Wales are being pursued.

Successful artists will have at least several years post graduation and some experience of exhibiting their work in public galleries. They will be interested in the possibilities outlined above and open to creative dialogue with others. Ability to travel to Anglesey will be essential. At this point there are no funds available for expenses although some funding has been sought for the first stage of this project.

Brief expressions of interest please by 28th Feb 2014 to

Helen Grove-White